About Us

Hello! I’m Deborah, founder of Give-A-Derm™! I wanted to give you a little background on how this company came into being. Growing up, I was not that little girl who dreamed of owning a skincare company. Far from it. The number one dream of my heart was that I would one day be a wife and mother. Perhaps I could also become a park ranger and protect all the wildlife from horribly wicked poachers. (Maybe, as a kid I loved watching Gentle Ben and Flipper a little too much?).

My dream of becoming a park ranger never did pan out but I did become a wife and mother and never looked back. I loved creating a fun, caring, healthy environment for my family. But, decades later, life smacked us in the face. A doctor mis-prescribed usage of topical chemo cream, applying it all over arms, back and chest, and that turned my life upside down. I became very sick and found out that my body was in a toxic “overload”. Any environmental, food-sourced, or topical toxins would cause a severe reaction to my body, especially my neurological system. I was the “canary in the mine” and reacted to toxins in a very traumatic way. When I went to retail stores, the synthetic fragrances were so overwhelming to my system that I had five minutes, with a wet cloth over my nose and mouth, until my face would turn bright red and my brain felt like it tilted. The display of tires at warehouse stores were off-gassing and would cause the same physical reaction. I couldn’t get near the detergent, softener, and cleaning aisle in any store. If we went to an special event and someone near wore perfume, we would have to move or leave. We had to read every label on food, beverages, cleaning products, and had to find a green dry cleaner (or avoid it altogether). I couldn’t pump gas, and even the new car smell in autos (sadly) had to be avoided. New furniture, mattresses, carpet had to out gas before I could be around them. Just to name a few.

People began to feel sorry for me, being especially grateful that they didn’t have to take all the precautions that I had to deal with. However, I began to see it differently. I am a country girl from Florida who didn’t even have an allergy before this. If all these various toxins are affecting me while my body is recovering, they are actually affecting everyone—just on different levels, directly dependent upon the condition of their immune system. These environmental toxins are never neutral. Everyone’s immune system is called to task at each and every exposure.

So, my daughter, Juliana, and I went on a search for all things toxin-free to reduce the load on my body. It was a lot of work. We were especially discouraged to discover that the skincare world was not much different than other genres, sorely lacking in truly clean, non-toxic products. We also found our “clean” options in skin care didn’t create the rich and luxurious feeling we were hoping for, nor did they did produce the results we wanted. Frustrated, discouraged, and desperate, we decided to create our own.

Miraculously, we found a formulator that shared our passion for natural, non-toxic products. After my experience, I wanted everything we created to be safe enough for my grand babies to use yet effective enough for men and women to be able to confidently rely on as part of their own self care regime. My daughter, Juliana and I, also wanted a skincare line that would put a smile on everyone’s face and restore hope to those, like us, who had been searching for a company they could have confidence in. We wanted products that provide a luxurious yet powerful experience that people can enjoy, trust, and look forward to using as they see the continual transformation of their skin.

Thankfully, I no longer have to avoid walking into different places and situations being concerned with physical reactions to varying toxin exposures, but it was a shocking realization to discover, first hand, that the world out there is not a safe place. We continue to be extremely careful with toxin exposures. My experience was so profound that I felt we had to share with it with others and then let people see and experience for themselves the “silver lining” that came out of it. After years of passionate determination and lots of work…Welcome to Give-A-Derm™!

Our Creations

We are so proud of these products! Please allow us to introduce them:
“The Facial Edition System™” is what we had hoped to find a decade ago. The synergy of this system excites us every time we use it. It is a 5 step system that has a powerful proprietary blend of French and American clays, along with the antioxidant punch of saffron, turmeric, and mint, to name a few.

“Tighten Your Assets™” mask is the next product we want to introduce. It is a powerful partner to the Facial Edition System. The super-charged mineral rich clay blend in the mask penetrates deeply, acting like a magnet to pull out impurities and pollutants, creating a gateway of opportunity for the nutrients that are in the Facial Edition System. It allows encourages much needed circulation to your skin.

The Eye Cream is an excellent finish to the Facial Edition System. The addition of cucumber to the impressive list of natural ingredients cools, hydrates, and reduces puffiness leaving your eyes feeling nurtured, brightened, and loved.

“Scrub Your Ash Off™” is our oxygenating body scrub and polisher. It’s one of our favorites! This scrub actually bubbles with oxygen when it comes in contact with water! We also love this scrub to prep and polish your skin for those special events!

The Bar Soap is a beautiful blend of sudsing and cleansing without stripping your skin of oils. We know lots of people who use it as an “all in one” soap and use it as a shampoo, too (especially when traveling). Reviews have been off the charts for our body lotion and bar soap combo.

“The Lotion” has people talking! With hand-filleted aloe, real honey, saffron and turmeric, it should be no surprise that our customers can’t keep quiet! Here are a few of their comments: “Magical!”….Magical”….”Just magical!”….”It’s not sticky!”…. “Absorbs quickly!”… “My burn got better and didn’t scar!”… “I didn’t peel when I used it after my sunburn!”…“It helped my baby’s bum!”…. “My hands look like they are fifteen years younger!”

Give-A-Derm’s product lineup is far more than a just toxin-free face and body experience. The carefully chosen natural ingredients can provide healing, nurturing, and a healthy glow that well cared-for skin exudes!